Downs Syndrome

When I was in Ireland September 2015 I got poisoned and nearly died, that is well documented but another incident is worth mentioning. I was in a train heading south and it was busy when a woman with a downs syndrome son sat opposite, then he crossed his legs and started kicking me with the loose leg when going over bumps, which was annoying but you have to make allowances for disabled people.… Read More


So for the last few days there has been a marked increase in activity including someone switching my broadband on and off, another letter urging me to phone the housing association because (thanks to me) they can’t phone me (paypal refused to let me use their service unless I put my sim card in to receive a text message for fucks sake, I took it straight out again before anyone phoned).… Read More

Childish Games

So the children are back to switching my broadband off and on again today.

This has been happening all day now, I wonder if it is related to the BT guy up the telegraph pole yesterday?

I will cancel the contract and get mobile broadband if it keeps happening, nowhere in their contract does it say they can deliberately switch my broadband on and off to appease a blackmailed Royal!… Read More

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