Onward Christian Soldiers

It all went horribly wrong when Queen Victoria died, I am talking about the British Empire, forced to fight our fellow Christians (divide and conquer), not good. We have to take back control!!!

No more blackmailed Kings!!!

We should be tolerant of others races and cultures, of course we should but not ruled by them thanks to a blackmailed and treacherous Royal!!!… Read More

Money Down The Drain

So at the shop today, I made a random purchase of some UHT milk for the first time in ages, from the back of the shelf where I thought it would be less likely to be poisoned.

When I got home I had a tiny taste test, a little sip, just a drop, then almost immediately I started getting a (slightly) sore stomach, I know through bitter experience that I would be in agony if I had some cereal or something like a normal person, so down the drain it went.… Read More

David Ike

The blackmailers appear to be banning Mr Ike from all their (propaganda) platforms, I wonder why?

Of course they can’t ban me because I know who they are and what they are about and would never use their propaganda platforms in the first place as that would be pointless…and there lies the problem, the blackmailers own the internet, they own the media and all the financial institutions.… Read More

Free gas

Since February 2019, I have had unlimited free gas, my electricity is pay as you go but when they installed gas central heating, they also installed a normal meter. Sure, occasionally they send a bill addressed to someone called ‘the occupier’ that would make a skint persons eyes pop out, but they have never asked me for any money or threatened to cut the gas off (yet).… Read More

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