Clash Of The Blackmailers

Looks to me like Prince Charles’s Pro Israeli blackmailers (including Trump) don’t want Prince Charles’s Chinese blackmailers to get access to our 5G network, now lets not start feeling sorry for the blackmailed waste of space that is Prince Charles who is putting his own interests ahead of this Country’s interests by appeasing either or both of those despicable set of blackmailers!… Read More

All Quiet On The Battlefield

Apart from sporadic (unusual for this area) noise disturbance last night with people shouting etc. (that annoys the whole neighbourhood, not just me) the smoke has cleared this morning and so far all is quiet.

My windows have literally hundreds of ‘chips’ and one crack from the stone throwing terrorism, but hey they are not my windows and I won’t be paying for them so what the fuck?… Read More

Video Games

Well that is my last trip to the shops before Brexit day over with. Footsie rises 1.5% on my return (coincidence of course). It was not easy I can tell you, they put a lot of money and resources into tripping me up but I guess I have just been playing this game for so long that I have become an expert at it, best way to describe it is like a real life video game where you just can’t afford to lose a single life.… Read More