Special Forces

On Tuesday 22nd march 2016, I left my forest prison on the outskirts of Perth to go and sign on at the Job center, something I am compelled to do in order to get enough money to survive, it is made worse by the fact that the date and time of the appointment is set by the British State, the very people who are imprisoning and intimidating me so they know exactly when I will be coming and going.… Read More

Fishy Cummings And Goings

Seems rather Ironic that blackmailer’s friend Dominic Cummings should fall foul of his own curfew rules, probably assumed that he was exempt. You got to laugh!

Obviously he can’t be sacked until his (blackmail) victim has first been sacked (or abdicates) as if he did get sacked, the blackmailers have plenty more ‘friends’ to replace him with, be careful what you wish for or you may end up with Nigel Farage advising charles’s puppet.… Read More

Yesterday’s Entrapment Attempt

Every time the so called authorities try to intimidate me by booting their own doors in across the landing, I usually take a photograph of the police activity outside just to make a record of what’s happening to me.

Yesterday it was like a war zone with several doors getting booted in, it is difficult to describe the noise, the banging and shouting, it really is quite intimidating, especially when you know that you are their ultimate target.… Read More

Downs Syndrome

When I was in Ireland September 2015 I got poisoned and nearly died, that is well documented but another incident is worth mentioning. I was in a train heading south and it was busy when a woman with a downs syndrome son sat opposite, then he crossed his legs and started kicking me with the loose leg when going over bumps, which was annoying but you have to make allowances for disabled people.… Read More


So for the last few days there has been a marked increase in activity including someone switching my broadband on and off, another letter urging me to phone the housing association because (thanks to me) they can’t phone me (paypal refused to let me use their service unless I put my sim card in to receive a text message for fucks sake, I took it straight out again before anyone phoned).… Read More

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